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Case Results

At Johnson Law Group, we take pride in helping our clients find a successful resolution to their cases. Whether it’s a favorable plea bargain, a dismissal of the charges, or an outright acquittal, we do everything we can to ensure that our client gets the best possible result. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes, but we are confident that when you see our track record, you will understand that our team has what it takes to fight, and to win. To see examples of cases that we have handled for clients in the past, choose a category from the menu below:
    • State v. AZ Felony Dismissed Entirely

      Our client got in an accident when she was under the influence. Having driven into a field, the airbags had deployed, but our client was asleep behind the driver's seat when police arrived. The accident was witnessed by 2 people, and the police developed evidence showing our client had drank a lot of alcohol and taken prescription medication that night. Our client knew her rights, and refused to cooperate. As a result, police sought a search warrant to collect her blood, breath, and/or urine for testing. After being informed of the warrant's contents and being told that failure to comply with the search warrant would result in a felony charge, our client refused to comply. Our client then found herself charged with the felony offense of Obstructing Justice, a Class 4 felony. Normally, the State wants a felony conviction and a conviction on the DUI, which results in the loss of one's driver's license, not to mention being a convicted felon forever. We weren't going to let that happen. We got to work, formulated a strategy, and our client helped us implement that strategy. Result: Felony Dismissed entirely; all traffic tickets dismissed entirely; and Supervision on the DUI. Our client never saw the inside of a jail cell, never lost her license, and was able to return to normal without a felony conviction.

    • State v. CL Felony Sex Offenses Dismissed Entirely

      Our client had already been a registered sex offender for years before being charged with two class 1 felony offenses for Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and two class 2 felony offenses for Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse. Given his prior history and that the State believed the alleged victim, they wanted blood, and our client faced up to 14 years in prison, not to mention having to register as a sex offender for life and possibly facing a lifetime parole term. Our client had been through 2 other attorneys before he made the decision by coming to Johnson Law Group. Immediately, our team realized that the alleged victim was not believable. Utilizing our attorneys and investigators, we were able to produce a witness who would directly contradict the alleged victim's statements, and, consequently, we built a solid defense for trial—and we were ready for trial. That defense was so solid that, upon reviewing the case himself, the State's Attorney realized we would win, and, as a result, we convinced the State to dismiss the case entirely. Result: the case was dismissed, and our client walked away a free man with the case dismissed entirely.

    • State v. DS Not Guilty


      Our client was a critical care nurse, and her employment hours were obviously different than many of us. She met friends for dirnks, but found herself arrested for a DUI and Improper Lane after she got into an accident in the late morning. The county in which she was prosecuted is known as being very tough on DUI offenses, and was known for convicting first-time offenders, often putting them in jail too. Our client tried to prove she was sober, but could not blow hard enough into the machine for it to render a breath test. Our team got to work, and knew our client was not guilty of DUI. The accident wasn't her fault, and her medical conditions made her appear off balance. We even told the judge we wanted a jury trial at our first court appearance. Our attorneys started work, formulated a defense, and it was revealed at trial that our client had screws in her ankles from ankle surgery, that her condition affected her balance, and that she could not have blown, despite her wanting to do so, because she lacked the lung capacity after having a lung collapse long before her DUI arrest. Result: in roughly one hour, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty! Our client is free, her record is clean, and she has her license to this day!

    • State v. JS Not Guilty

      NOT GUILTY JURY VERDICT for Battery of a Child

      Our client worked as a local school teacher, and cared for children. One child in particular was acting out, and disturbing the rest of the children. Our client moved the child to a different chair, and it was reported that our client hit the child. The room the kids were in had a camera, and the State maintained that the video showed our client hitting the child. Our client was charged with Battery of a Child, and had everything to lose: she was a CNA, who herself was a foster child who even obtained a scholarship at one time from DCFS to attend school. After her experience in the foster system, she only wanted to be able to help kids, but if she were convicted of battering a child, this would all be over. Our team got to work, developed a trial strategy, and proceeded to a jury trial, at which our client was found Not Guilty! Because of state licensure issues after being charged, she's still working on restoring her life, but we're helping her with that, having achieved what many thought was impossible: a jury verdict of Not Guilty when a child was the victim!

    • State v. LQ Not Guilty

      Airman found Not Guilty in Sexual Assault Jury Trial

      Our client was charged in 2017 for allegations made against him by his teenage step daughter, of one count of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, a Class 2 felony offense. Our client always claimed his innocence including testifying in his own defense during the trial, that the allegations were false and had been made during a bitter divorce with his now ex wife. After two full days of trial, the jury only took 2 ½ hours to come back with a Not Guilty verdict. Our client has spent nearly 18 years in the US Air Force and is still active duty. If he were convicted, he would not only been a convicted felon and have to register has a Sexual Offender, he would have also received a Dishonorable Discharge, loss of gun rights and loss of military benefits.

    • State v. DB Case Dismissed

      Criminal Damage to Property Case Dismissed Entirely, Despite Confession and Video!

      Our client had a felony case already, but he wound up being charged with Criminal Damage to Property as a result of marking the metal on a vehicle (or "keying") a car. The State had everything they needed: the damage itself, a witness to our client doing it, and even a video of our client. To make matters even worse, our client confessed to doing it. Our client's case seemed hopeless, especially because of the confession. Then he hired us, and we got to work attacking the evidence in the case, including the video and the manner in which our client supposedly confessed. Result: a few motion hearings later, and the case was dismissed entirely!

    • State v. TB Probation, No Jail

      Probation and Time-Served without Charge for New Offense!

      Our client was charged with a Class 3 felony Theft offense after she and others allegedly entered into a conspiracy to collect tens of thousands of dollars from a woman's bank account. The case seemed airtight, and entirely hopeless. Then we were hired: we formulated a strategy to demonstrate that our client was an unwitting participant in the entire affair, and that she had been no part of any conspiracy, despite the State's assertions to the contrary. It didn't help when our client was arrested again involving felony drug possession while our case was pending, but we put the strategy to work, enhancing it by adding the need for drug treatment given her new arrest. Result: our client sat in jail pending trial less than one month, and was given probation and time served! We also avoided a new felony drug charge entirely!

    • State v. FB Probation, No Jail

      Charged with Shooting, but got Probation and No Jail!

      Our client had been to prison before, and had a lengthy criminal history before he was charged with shooting a firearm in an incident in which 3 people were shot. In addition, he was charged with then trying to destroy evidence. Our client had gone through more than one attorney until he hired JLG. By that time, his case had been pending more a year and a half, and the State only wanted to talk about prison. Needless to say, our battle was an uphill one. There were volumes of evidence, as there is in any shooting case, and our team went to work. From botched police work to physical evidence being inconsistent with the State's theory, our work revealed all of the weaknesses in the State's case.

      Result: multiple felonies dismissed, and a sentence of 24 months probation on a Class 4 felony offense with time-served!

    • State v. ML Acquittal

      Our client was accused of raping his step daughter in a small central Illinois county, where everyone knows everyone, and the sentence for such an offense would have been a virtual life sentence for the client. He hired us immediately to defend him against these patently false allegations and to top it off against an investigation begun by the step-daughter's biological father who was Chief of Police at another municipality. We went to work straight away to debunk the investigation and the alleged victim's story. There was a hard fought, three day, jury trial where we strenuously fought for and secured an acquittal for our client on all counts. At JLG we fight and we win.

    • People v. NH Case Dismissed

      Johnson Law Group was retained to represent an individual that was stopped by police at a time when his license was revoked for DUI. To make matters worse he had two prior convictions for driving while his license was suspended or revoked. When JLG got into the case the State was out for blood as they were seeking a felony conviction, jail time, probation and excessive fines and fees. Generally, the goals for someone stuck in this position are to receive some sort of a knockdown or amendment to a misdemeanor offense. JLG set its sights much higher and didn’t stop fighting until the State entirely dismissed the case. Ultimately, our client was able to walk free from this incident, and most importantly without a conviction on his record, whether a felony or misdemeanor.

    • State v. MC Probation, 180 Days in Jail

      Our client was charged with multiple controlled drug buys after a police informant cooperated against him, and was facing a mandatory prison sentence for up to 30 years on almost 10 counts on which he could not get probation. To make the case more difficult, our client did it within 1,000 feet of a school, and the drugs involved included LSD. Needless to say, the State wanted prison, and lots of it. Our client was still a young person in college, and we couldn't let that happen. We met, reviewed all the discovery, and formulated a defense strategy to improve our client's position. This began with getting him out of jail when his bond was very high, and getting a judge to approve his travel out of the county and out of the State of Illinois. Result: our strategy worked; our client was sentenced to probation and 180 days in jail, but never went to prison! Although we would have liked to avoid jail, 180 days jail vs. 6 years in a minimum prison sentence is far worse.

    • State v. TQ

      A recent client of ours was desperate when she was arrested for DUI. She hired us and we went to work to fight for her. Pouring through the reports and squad car video we found that the police had violated her Constitutional rights. We immediately filed motion to suppress the illegally obtained evidence. After a contentious hearing, we prevailed in proving the illegal actions of the police officer and the judge ordered all the evidence thrown out. The State immediately dismissed the entire case. At JLG we have the experience, know how, and temerity to fight for our clients.

    • State v. O.H. Felony PTR & DUI Dismissed

      Our client very narrowly avoiding going to prison for a long time on his Class 3 Forgery case, because we were able to convince a judge that he deserved a shot at probation at a sentencing hearing. 3 months later, a Petition to Revoke (or "PTR") was filed seeking to resentence our client on the felony case, because he was arrested on a DUI as well as a Driving While License Suspended offense. (A felony PTR is judged using a very low civil standard burden of proof, even though it is filed in a criminal case, and this makes them almost impossible to beat.) To make matters worse, our client could have been charged with a felony DUI because his license was suspended at the time of the offense. Obviously, our focus had to be on both beating a felony PTR, so that we avoid prison and beating the DUI, so that our client did not wind up having his driver's license revoked. We formulated a strategy to beat the cases, and in less than a year, were successful: both the felony PTR and the DUI were dismissed entirely! Our client never went to prison, much less served any jail time, and his license is not revoked!

    • People v. R.A.

      The client came to our office after being disappointed with his lawyer and while fighting his 3rd DUI which involved a child under 16 in the vehicle and where the defendant blew twice the legal limit. When JLG entered into the case it had already been ongoing for over a year and the offer was and had been 4 years prison and a $25,000 fine, not to mention all of the other conditions like probation, treatment, and community service. After being in the case and appearing at only 2 court dates JLG was able to convince the State to amend the charge to reflect that no child under 16 was in the vehicle, and to reduce the fine from $25,000 to only $1,000. Not only did we save our client $24,000 in fines, but we were able to agree to have our client do just 90 days in jail as opposed to the 4 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Another win for JLG and our client!

    • State v. RC

      Our client came to us after he and his friends had broken into a building owned by a university. Minutes after breaking things in the building, police arrived, and everyone hid. In the end, everyone was arrested, and our client was charged with two Felony offenses, and a misdemeanor. We got to work, coordinated with our client's friends and their attorneys, and developed a strategy that would get everyone off. In less than 3 months, our client pleaded to a Class B Misdemeanor offense, and was sentenced to supervision, which is not a conviction. In addition, he never went to jail, he did not have to do any community service work, he did not have to do any counseling, he did not have to pay a lot in either a fine or restitution, and, for all intents and purposes, has nothing on his record!

    • State v. RN

      Our client was stopped for 2 traffic offenses, and arrested for Driving While his License was Revoked. His car got searched, and the cops found 2 different pills that were both controlled substances. Our client wound up facing 2 Felony charges because of the pills, and a Misdemeanor for license offense. Needless to say, the State wanted a substantial punishment, including a felony conviction, all because our client had prior misdemeanor offenses on his record. We got to work, strategized on the case, submitted substantial documentation to the State, and put our strategy to work, and in practically no time at all, we got the best possible outcome. Result: 1 felony was dismissed, and our client received Second Chance Probation, which is not a conviction, on the other felony, not to mention only had to perform community service work on the license offense! Our client never had to serve jail, never had to pay thousands in discretionary fines, and is a free man today!

    • State v. CG

      Our client was charged with a very serious charge of Armed Robbery. The prosecutor in the case wanted 8 years. After negotiations broke down, JLG took our argument to the judge where we were able to convince the Judge to give our clients probation.

    • People v. J.D.

      Our client was charged with 4 serious Class 3 Felony offenses; two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, as he caused bodily harm by stabbing two people with a knife, and two counts of aggravated battery in a public place, because he was outside of the bars in Uptown Normal. To make matters worse our client was already a convicted felon. Of course the State was out for blood and wanted a significant amount of jail, but JLG began aggressively defending the case both by answering discovery with an affirmative defense, and by pointing out the State's weaknesses throughout the long fight of the case. Even after JLG received an offer for probation, which was not good enough for us or our client, we set the case for trial. On the night before trial JLG received an email from the State saying that they were dismissing the case. Ultimately, JLG was able to see our client walk free after being charged with 4 felony offenses!

    • STATE V. MK

      Our client and a young woman hit it off well at a local fraternity party and spent the rest of the evening together. The next day, the young woman filed a sexual assault complaint against our client. Johnson Law Group was immediately retained. Our investigators worked with the the detective in this case and we were able to show the Sex Assault Task Force that the allegations made against our client were not accurate and completely erroneous.After a month long investigation, the state closed the case with no charges filed.

    • STATE V. SP

      While at a local fraternity party, an intoxicated young woman attempted to kiss our client; he made a clear objection that he was not interested in the young woman. The following day our client was contacted by a member of the fraternity who asked if he had been at the party and had contact with this young woman because his name had come up in an allegation of sexual assault by this young woman. After retaining Johnson Law Group and a near two month invesitgation, no charges were filed against our client.

    • State v. CT False Report to 911 & Resisting Dismissed!

      Our client was being evicted and she believed the eviction to be unlawful. Our client called the police after she discovered her landlord throwing her property everywhere. Our client called the police and was told it was a civil matter. As things escalated, our client called the police again to report this. When she called the police a second time, the police came out in full force to arrest her for making a false report to 911. More than one officer grabbed her, she pulled away from them. As a result, she was charged with Disorderly Conduct (for making the false police report) and with Resisting a Peace Officer (for pulling away). The State wanted jail and community service work from our client, but there was no way we would let that slide! When most lawyers would be trying to get a "deal" because it was our client's word against multiple people, including police, we worked with our client, documented the unlawful eviction and the unlawful treatment by her landlord, and formulated a defense. Result: we got the case dismissed entirely in just 2 months!

    • State v. MF

      Our client was charged with Domestic Battery to a Child. In what we argued was clearly an exaggerated charge, JLG defended this case aggressively. The State demanded our client have a felony conviction along with having to register as a violent offender against youth and other conditions. We made it clear that we would not be accepting any offer and demanded a trial. We set the matter for trial and on the day of the trial the State dismissed the charges.

    • State v. ZS

      Our client, a young man but still an adult was charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. Facing 70 years potentially with consecutive sentences, JLG went to work and as the case dragged on, the state was still demanding prison. Over time, we fought aggressively and would eventually go to a contested hearing where again the State asked for prison. By providing extensive mitigation, we were able to convince the Judge to give our client probation with time served.

    • State v. CG

      A client dissatisfied with her former attorney hired us to represent her at her sentencing for a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. At the time of her arrest, she had a blood alcohol content of .402. We argued passionately on her behalf, that the night of her DUI did not define who she was as a person and that given her outstanding history and what she had achieved since that night she deserved a second chance, she deserved another chance for being a good person. The judge stated that normally someone in our client's position would go directly to jail and have their license revoked. But the judge saw her case differently. In the end, she was able to keep her license and placed on court supervision.

    • STATE V. TF

      Our client, a student at a local university, was accused by a classmate of sexual assault after a party they both attended. Johnson Law Group was retained from the start. The detectives on the case found the allegations were undermined thus leading the state to not pursue charges against our client.

    • State v. JE

      Our client was charged in one felony case with Conspiracy to Commit a Robbery of a Financial Institution, felony Disorderly Conduct after a Bomb Threat, in another felony case with Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, and with a Petition to Revoke her probation for an earlier felony Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance. Needless to say, the State wanted only prison time, and wouldn't be satisified with anything less after she and a co-defendant allegedly phoned in a bomb threat trying to rob a bank! We worked together as part of a team, built an airtight strategy, and immediately got to work. In the end, our client's co-defendant, who was represented by another attorney, went to prison, while our client was sentenced to probation for everything, and time served!

    • State v. SM

      Our client had a serious drug problem. In just a few months, she had picked up a DUI, major traffic, and 4 felony cases, some for felonies related to possession of controlled substances and delivery of controlled substances, and some of these cases required a prison sentence. She faced more than a decade in prison, and, to make matters worse, the sentence on the cases would have to be served consecutively, meaning she would have to serve them one after the other, instead of all together. We worked together, formed a strategy, but after convincing the State to dismiss the felony counts that required a prison sentence, they refused to dismiss any other felonies. We had to leave our client's fate up to a judge. Thanks to our strategy and effort, our client got time-served, was sentenced to probation, and never went to prison!

    • State v. KB

      Our client had been arrested on several felonies, some of which required a prison sentence, and, because they were committed while he was out on bond, they were all consecutive to each other. The State wanted nothing but blood. We put to work a strategy and airtight defense, and successfully talked the State into dismissing all but 3 of the felonies. However, the State was not willing to agree to probation. We had to leave the sentence up to the judge, which was risky, but with the strategy we formulated, better than a mandatory prison sentence had we not talked the State into what we did. Result: our client received credit for time-served, never went to prison, and got probation instead on all of the felony cases!

    • State v. GS

      Our client was driving at a time his license was suspended and was stopped for speeding. To make matters worse, police discovered cocaine in the car, resulting in our client facing felony charges as well as the traffic offenses. Because of our client's significant criminal history that included drug offenses, the State would have been more than happy with a lengthy prison sentence. However, we were able to talk the State into agreeing to probation and 90 days jail, instead of the prison sentence they originally wanted! Unfortunately, our client decided to hire another attorney because he did not want to serve any time, and, unfortunately with this other attorney, he was sentenced to more than one year in prison. The lesson here is when you hire the best, stick with the best.

    • State v. VR

      Our client was charged with 6 counts related to possession of drugs with intent to deliver, and faced a minimum sentence of 6 to 30 years in prison because of the seriousness of the offenses. Our client was only a kid, and had no other significant criminal history. The State would only settle for prison, and even made our client pay $50,000 to get out of jail. We worked as a team, and realized before the State did that there were problems with the case that could help us.

      Result: 5 months after being hired, we were successful in getting the case dismissed entirely!

    • State v. JS

      Our client was charged with some pretty bad counts involving felony Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse after he had sex with a 14 year-old girl at a time when he was 28 years-old. To make matters worse for our client, he was on felony probation at the time. The alleged victim's family and the State was out for blood, and only wanted years and years in prison. We got to work right away, and, with our client's future at stake, we had no choice but to leave matters up to the judge.

      Result: Probation, and no jail!

    • STATE VS. AE

      Our client was charged with 2 counts of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance. While on bond they were charged with a new offense of Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine. If convicted of both cases the client faced mandatory consecutive sentences to the Illinois Department of Corrections. The client hired JLG and we immediately put a plan in place. We wanted our client to receive treatment in order to bring about positive changes in their life. The problem that JLG faced was that the client was unable to post bond to accomplish this. Furthermore, while out on bond, the client had allegedly committed a new drug offense which was a concern to the court and complicated the task of obtaining a bond reduction. After lengthy discussions JLG was able to convince the State as well as the Presiding Judge to release our client on her own recognizance to attend treatment. After continued discussions, JLG secured probation for our client with the remaining charges being dismissed.

    • STATE VS. SS

      Our client was charged with two counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a child under the age of 13, a class X felony. He was facing a mandatory sentence to the Illinois Department of Corrections. The sentencing range was 6 years to 60 years and 85% of the sentence had to be served before he could be released. In addition, if convicted, our client would have had been required to register as a sex offender. The team at JLG immediately began to review the evidence that the State believed was damning to our client. Upon completion of JLG's investigation it was discovered that the State's case had several "holes" in it which would be brought out at a trial. Our team quickly identified several inconsistencies in witness statements' as well as a recorded interview of the alleged minor victim. JLG made it clear to the State's Attorney Office that this case would indeed go to trial as well as pointing out the issues with their case. In less than one month of JLG's involvement, the State dismissed the charges against our client.

    • STATE VS. AB

      Sexual Assault allegations on college campuses is a huge political topic right now in our country. So when JLG was notified by our client that he was being accused of sexual assault by another student at the University, JLG immediately got involved. In JLG's experience, Title IX investigations are so skewed against the accused, we immediately notified the investigators that our client was not going to have his life destroyed by a false allegation and we would conduct our own investigation and findings in anticipation that charges would be filed. In less than two weeks, our firm was able to bring to light issues with the case and ultimately, no charges were filed and no discipline was sought by the University.

    • State v. AD

      Our client was charged with several serious felonies because cocaine had been sold out of her home. She was extended term eligible (meaning she was facing twice the usual prison sentence) because of her prior criminal history, and could have been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison! As if that was not bad enough, one of the felonies required that our client be sentenced to prison, because it was not an offense for which a person could receive prison. Needless to say, this would be an up-hill battle with the State, and we got to work right away. We worked together to review the evidence, formulate a strategy, and to execute that strategy - and we're happy to say it worked! Result: in just 3 months, Non-Probationable & Extended Term Felonies Dismissed!

    • STATE VS. JH

      Our client was charged with Possession of Child Pornography, Indecent Solicitation, Criminal Sexual Abuse, and Grooming. He was then charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse in another county. Our firm was hired for both matters and our team immediately went to work in preparing his defense. The client was facing a lengthy period of incarceration in both counties. JLG quickly implemented a plan and was able to obtain probation for our client in both counties, with the most serious charges being dismissed.

    • State v. PE

      Our client was charged with a Residential Burglary case where the State had DNA evidence linking him to the crime. Making matters worse our client was previously convicted and served substantial prison time for multiple burglaries and our client was facing six to thirty years in the Department of Corrections for this case. However; rather than letting our client give up, we went to battle for him and battered the State into amending the charges and making sure our client never served a single day of jail let alone going to the Department of Corrections. The Johnson Law Group always fights for our clients, no matter the circumstance and we never let our clients be intimidated by the power of the State.

    • State v. DH

      Our client was charged with multiple counts of Domestic Battery and Interference with Reporting Domestic Violence in a county known to be extremely tough on people accused of Domestic Violence. However; he hired the Johnson Law Group and we demanded a trial and convinced the State to drop all charges within a month of our entry into the case. We convinced the State what had truly occurred was that the alleged victim was the aggressor and had lied to police about what had truly happened. Result: Case dismissed!

    • State v. FC

      Client was charged with Aggravated DUI for the fourth time as well as Aggravated Driving While Revoked, He was facing mandatory prison time of 3 to 7 years in the Department of Corrections. The Johnson Law Group went to work and after trying to work the case out, set the case for trial. The State was then forced into accepting a reduction of charges and absolutely no jail. The client was saved from any sort of incarceration especially years of prison!!

    • State v. GH

      Johnson Law Group was retained on a case that would normally be an automatic sentence to the Department of Corrections. Our client was faced with a non-probation able Aggravated DUI. Then on top of it, our client committed another non-probation able DUI while out on bond for his original case. Johnson Law Group knew our client needed help not a prison sentence. With our client being a military veteran, we were able to get him out of jail and into treatment at a VA facility and worked it out so he could be on probation and with no jail.

    • STATE V. CK 30 Months Probation, No Jail

      Our client was charged with possession of a controlled substance with more than 100 grams but less than 400 grams of heroin with the intent to deliver. This was a very serious Super X felony with a sentencing range of 9 to 40 years in IL Dept of Corrections, non-probationable. Attorney Todd Ringel went to work immediately and after reviewing the evidence, became aware of potential Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence. Attorney Ringel used these motions as leverage in negotiating.

    • PEOPLE vs. NK Case Dismissed
    • STATE V. DM Court Supervision, No Fine
    • STATE V. CH Not Guilty
    • State vs. MS No charges filed

      Our client was contacted and interviewed by DCFS and two police detectives regarding a 2 year old allegation involving our client's niece. Our client cooperated completely with authorities and the more he cooperated, the more he was being accused and facing certain prosecution. JLG was retained and immediately intervened with DCFS investigators and police. During JLG's two month investigation, it was discovered that the victim's mother had made previous allegations against two separate individuals in the past that were both deemed unfounded.

    • State vs. JD

      Our client had almost completed probation when he admitted to smoking marijuana in violation of his probation. As a result, the State filed a petition to revoke (PTR) his probation, seeking to resentence him all over again. Then he hired JLG. We formulated a plan, and coordinated with his probation officer in the hopes that our client would be able to finish probation successfully. Our client took our advice, and we followed through with our plan.
      Result: the State had no choice but to dismiss the case. Our client finished probation, and never saw the inside of a jail cell!

    • State v. SB

      Our client was charged with a pretty serious DUI after she crashed into a utility pole, flipping her car over onto its roof. Our client went to the hospital, and was determined by police and medical personnel to be under the influence of alcohol. Needless to say, the State wanted to test our client's blood for alcohol. We immediately got to work with our investigators to build a defense as well as a mitigation package for our client who was a single mother with a lot to lose if she was convicted, including jail and her ability to drive. Our client received supervision, and the minimum fines and alcohol counseling. She never saw the inside of a jail cell, and got to keep her license!

    • State v. DL 30 Months Probation

      Our client was a major player in a large cannabis grow operation and distribution network, and was charged with everything from a Class 4 felony to a Class X felony and facing mandatory prison time. The situation seemed dire for our client, who was a new father, especially because there were records implicating his wife for money laundering of almost $500,000. From the moment we were retained, we worked with our private investigators and the government, and formulated a long-term strategy that would result in our client getting probation, even though he was charged as seriously as he had. JLG was able to convince the government to dismiss mandatory prison offenses and also successful in convincing them not to file charges against our client or his wife concerning any money laundering.

    • State v. RW 36 Months Probation

      Our client was charged with Manufacture/Delivery as well as Possession of more than 23 pounds of Cannabis! One offense was a Class X, for which a person has to go to prison for a minimum of 6 years, and the other was a Class 1, for which a person could get probation. In a few short months, we were successful in convincing the prosecution to dismiss the Class X, but we had no agreement on the Class 1 offense, so our client's fate was in the judge's hands, which was part of our strategy. Only 9 months after being charged, we went to sentencing, and the government recommended 5 years in prison.

    • State vs. RF No charges filed

      Our client had been through a bitter custody battle in the preceding months with his ex wife when he contacted our office. Shortly after our client won full custody of his children, allegations arose that our client had sexually abused his grandson. JLG immediately intervened in the abuse investigation to defend our client. After nearly a five month investigation involving the police and DCFS, our client was completely exonerated of any allegations of abuse.

    • State vs PE

      Our client was charged with a Residential Burglary case where the State had DNA evidence linking him to the crime. Making matters worse our client was previously convicted and served substantial prison time for multiple burglaries and our client was facing six to thirty years in the Department of Corrections for this case. JLG battled the State into amending the charges and making sure our client never served a single day of jail let alone going to the Department of Corrections.

    • People v. J.C. No charges filed

      Our client attended the annual Summer Camp music festival which always has a large police presence because of drug activity. When our client first arrived at Summer Camp, she assisted some fellow campers in carrying some of their camping supplies. When law enforcement approached our client, the other individuals walked away as the police requested to search the items our client was carrying. Our client complied and the police found several grams of meth. Our client was taken into custody and arrested on a felony charge of possession. JLG was retained and immediately started communicating with the State's Attorney's office before the first court date. As a result, the State decided to drop the charges.

    • State v. JJ Felony Dismissed

      Our client, who was already on supervision for a misdemeanor offense, was charged with possession of a Controlled Substance, a class 4 felony, after his dorm room was searched and the police found pills along with cannabis, a scale and lots of plastic baggies. The State was threatening if our client did not take a deal they offered, he would face a charge of possession with intent to distribute within proximity to a school, a mandatory prison offense. JLG went to work documenting things the State knew nothing about, and worked on convincing the State that their threats were baseless, as was the felony charge.

    • State v. CS Probation, No Jail

      Our client had previously been convicted of an offense under the Domestic Violence Act, so when he violated an Order of Protection not once, not twice, but four times, he was charged with four different Class 4 felony offenses as well as a separate misdemeanor offense. Our client was facing some serious prison time for this, and, of course, that's what the prosecution wanted because of his repeated violations of the Order of Protection. We got to work immediately utilizing investigators to investigate elements of the case, while our attorneys strategized on beating the cases all together. JLG was successful in convincing the prosecution to dismiss all the felonies but one and the misdemeanor offense entirely.

    • State v. CH Probation, No Jail

      Our client, who was only 21 years-old, was put on probation for Class 3 and Class 4 felony offenses, and 4 months later was charged with another Class 4 felony and multiple misdemeanors. Our client faced sentencing on all felony cases, and was looking at some pretty substantial time in prison. We immediately got to work with our investigators to build a defense, because we need to save our client from spending his 20's in prison. The prosecution was out for blood, citing the fact that the same judge had given him probation only 4 months before he committed a new felony. We used all that we had at our disposal, multiple attorneys and investigators got to work, and by the time a sentencing hearing came around, our client walked out a happy man.

    • State v. TL 30 Months Probation

      Our client was charged with the Class 3 felony offense of Escape after she failed to appear for her jail sentence for a Mob Action case which she was on probation. In addition, our client had accrued several misdemeanor offenses as well as a Petition to Revoke her probation on the Mob Action case. To make matters worse, our client had several prior felony offenses, so she was facing a minimum of 2 years in prison and a maximum of 6 years. JLG immediately went to work and argued with the State's Attorneys himself, whose offer on the case was 5 years in prison!

    • People vs S.P.

      Our client was charged with a Class 3 Felony offense of Retail Theft after she allegedly stole several items from a local store. The value of these items far exceeded $300, which is why the charge was so serious. To make matters worse, our client was not a citizen, and faced being deported if her case stayed a felony. Our client seemed to have little chance of getting the offense amended to a misdemeanor, which would take a small miracle. We worked together with our investigators, and utilized our rapport with the police and prosecutors.

      RESULT: small miracles happen. We were not only successful in getting the charge reduced to a misdemeanor but we were also successful in avoiding jail time all together! Our client remains in this country ready to put this offense behind her.

    • People vs B.T.

      Defendant was charged with interstate trafficking of a large amount of cocaine and faced a mandatory sentencing range of 20 - 200 years in prison, due to his priors and quantity, with no possibility of probation. We worked on the case for four years during which time we were able to convince the State to dismiss the charge initially. However, the State refiled the charge and we were required to go to bat for our client a second time regarding the exact same charges. We examined the evidence and built a "theory of defense" which led to JLG Attorneys convinced the court to suppress the incriminating evidence, arguing that the police acted improperly in stopping the vehicle. More to come.

    • State v. TE Charges Dismissed

      Our client was charged with Aggravated Battery on a Police Officer, a very serous felony. Our client was a college student, who needed to avoid a felony. Avoiding a felony seemed impossible. There were several police officers and other onlookers, who all said our client smacked the police officer but there were conflicting accounts how this happened. We got to work, building a defense, looking into some of the officers' prior histories of excessive force complaints, and, in no time at all, got the felony entirely dismissed! Our client went on with the rest of his life, and has no felony at all on his record!

    • State vs B.W.

      Client was accused of taking computer equipment from his employer and selling these items on Ebay. Our client's employer threatened criminal prosecution and eventually contacted the police which started a criminal investigation. JLG was hired shortly thereafter and immediately started working with the detective in the case to determine the value of the property in question. JLG was able to negotiate an adequate amount of restitution with the detective and the employer to prevent any criminal charges which satisfied all parties resulting in the detective closing the case and no charges being filed.

    • People vs E.M.

      Our client was charged with a DUI in a county known for being harsh on DUI offenses both in terms of sentences and an unwillingness to dismiss them. To make matters worse, our client had everything to lose because it was his 5th DUI that would require several years in prison as a mandatory punishment! The case was not cut and dry and although the case was defendable we knew a trial could result in one extreme or the other - either an acquittal or a guilty finding with mandatory prison. We utilized all of our resources, our investigators, and never let up our fight to get justice for our client.

      RESULT: our client's 5th DUI was dismissed.

    • People vs A.E.

      Our client was charged with felony retail theft after stealing some items a mere 3 days after being put on probation for an earlier felony retail theft. As a result, we had a new felony to deal with as well as a Petition to Revoke probation. The State's job was easy: anyone capable of violating probation 3 days after being sentenced is not a candidate for probation again, so the State wanted to put our client in prison. To make matters worse, our client had a total of 7 felonies, and had even been to prison before because of them! Our goals were to avoid prison as well as any jail time, something that we knew would be difficult to say the least. We immediately got to work, advising our client what to do to put herself in the best position possible.

      RESULT: no jail or prison. That's right: on a 7th felony, our client received probation, court-ordered counseling, community service, and did not have to serve a single day in jail.

    • People vs J.A.

      Our client was charged with the Class 2 felony offense of Aggravated Battery after beating up a cop, along with misdemeanor counts of Resisting a Peace Officer and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The State was adamant that you can't hit police, and insisted on jail, if not prison. To make the case more difficult than it already was, our client had 6 prior offenses on his record, including a prior offense of Resisting a Peace Officer. We worked with our investigators that we have in-house as well as our client to craft a strategy to avoid both jail and prison. This was a pretty tall order, but we made it happen !

      RESULT: a term of probation and no jail.

    • State vs P.N.

      Client was arrested after his girlfriend called the police because she suspected him of drug abuse When the police arrived at our client's home he was detained and questioned while the police conducted a very thorough search of his home without his consent or a warrant. The police eventually found a controlled substance hidden away in the residence resulting in our client's arrest on a felony possession of a controlled substance. JLG was retained and immediately started communicating aggressively with the State's Attorney's office before the first court date, questioning the search methods and the issue of possession. As a result, the State decided to drop the case entirely.

      RESULT: No charges filed.

    • People vs C.K.

      Our client found herself charged with Retail Theft after she accidentally stuffed an item of clothing in the bottom of a shopping bag. The cops did not buy the excuse due to our client having 2 prior felony retail theft arrests so she was charged with a Class 4 Felony offense. The State was basically out for blood on this case and only wanted a felony conviction with lots of jail time. Our client hoped, at best, she could get a reduction to a misdemeanor. We worked together, gathered a lot of documentation, and simultaneously worked on both beating the case at trial and convincing the government it had to be reasonable.

      RESULT: after 6 months of working the case the State ended up dismissing all charges and our client is free, never saw jail, and has no felony.

    • People vs R.R.

      Our client was charged with Driving While License Suspended (DWLS), which is punishable by up to a year in jail and 2 years of probation, conditional discharge or suprervision. DWLS is probably one of, if not the, most easily proven offenses under Illinois law. Our client also had somewhat of a checkered past. The State wanted jail time, and the police officer saw our client driving. Things seemed like we were stuck, but we did not stop there. We had our client interviewed by investigators, who then followed up. We were convinced that given the right evidence, we could beat what most would think was an unbeatable case. Result: the charge was amended to a petty offense of having an expired driver's license, our client got a $50 fine as well as only 6 months supervision!

    • People v. D.J.

      Over-the-road truck driver was facing felony charges for killing a pedestrian when his semi truck ran a person over killing them and then left the scene. Our theory of defense was to include the possibility that the deceased might have been having suicidal ideologies. Our attorneys and investigators worked hard to gather and analyze evidence to prove that the fatality could have been due to a possible mental illness suffered by the victim and we convinced the State to dismiss the felony charges against our client.

      RESULT: The semi-driver received no convictions in this case.

    • People vs NA

      "Cannabis, LSD & a False Police Report - No Conviction or Jail!"

      In a rural county known for its tough prosecutor and judge, our client, who had prior trouble with the law before, was pulled over for texting while driving and the cop asked for consent to search his car, which our client gave. Cops found 295.3 grams of cannabis in the car as well as 3 hits of LSD. After getting out of jail, our client was stuck in a small town, and felt like getting high, so he gave a guy money to get him cannabis. When the guy didn't come with the cannabis, our client called the police to report being robbed. To avoid a robbery charge, the guy cooperated with police in a sting on our client. We worked on this case together, and strategized on how to get our client the best possible outcome. It was an uphill battle, because the State wanted prison time! In the months that followed, we were able to convince the State not only to dismiss the False Police Report charge, but were also able to convince them out of pursuing the LSD! What is even more important is that we were able to convince the State into agreeing to First Offender Probation (which is just like supervision, and not a conviction) with NO jail time! Our client, who had more than half a pound of cannabis as well as LSD and made a false police report, never saw the inside of a jail cell again, and to this day has no conviction on his record!

      LESSON: don't give consent to search.

    • People vs L.M.

      Our client was an Afghanistan veteran who was assisting other veteran's while going to school and was pregnant when she was arrested for Domestic Battery in a county known for prosecuting these offenses to the fullest extent of the law. Making matters even more difficult the police claimed she made statements admitting the offense. The State wanted to convict this veteran, student, and mother to be for Domestic Battery and thus possibly subjecting her to DCFS entanglement and possibly preventing her from ever getting a good job after graduation. Fortunately, she turned to the Johnson Law Group and we were able to gather documentation and material and go to bat for her and change the mind of the government, convincing them to dismiss the case in its entirety.

      RESULT: all charges dismissed.

    • People v. N.M.

      A long time ago, our client was convicted of Attempt Burglary which resulted in a life-long felony conviction. Our attorneys spent most of a year preparing a Petition for Executive Clemency and ultimately convinced the Governor of Illinois to Pardon our client. A Pardon is an extraordinary remedy that opens the door to wiping the client's record completely clean. We are now in the process of expunging his record entirely.

      RESULT - Our guy can finally get a good job due the felony being deleted from his record.

    • People vs DW

      Our client was caught red-handed selling drugs out of his house, which was within close proximity to a church, and was charged with two counts of Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis, one was a Class X, which requires prison time. Our client had never before been charged with a felony case, but, sure enough, the government wanted prison! We immediately went to work, utilizing all of our resources and contacts, and within a matter of months had developed evidence that cast doubt on the credibility of certain officers when it came to the mishandling of certain evidence. As a result, the Class X was DISMISSED entirely, our client received probation and we AVOIDED JAIL, much less prison!

    • People vs ZB

      Our client was charged with 5 felony counts of Forgery, each a Class 3 felony punishable by up to 2 to 5 years in prison. Since all counts were separate acts our client could have faced a consecutive sentence to prison of 10 to 25 years because of it. We got to work with our investigators, built a defense to the case, and shaped up the victims so that they were on our client's side. After a short period of time, we were able to convince the government to dismiss all felony cases and our client was allowed to plead to a single amended charge of a Class A misdemeanor!

    • State v. GB

      Our client was living at home with his elderly parents who had custody of several grandchildren. During this same time, there was an ongoing custody dispute between the grandparents and the mother of the children. An allegation arose that our client had performed lewd acts against one of the children. The police began investigating the case and JLG was immediately retained. JLG investigators worked with the police, polygraph examiners and our client for over a year on this case which during the investigation, we were able to reveal there were inconsistencies with the child's statements about what might have occurred.

    • People vs. DC

      After having his house raided by law enforcement looking for child pornography, defendant was prosecuted by the Attorney General and the State's Attorney for felony Possession of a Controlled Substance. Johnson Law Group attorneys worked for several months with the prosecutors and ultimately convinced them to dismiss all charges against our client.

    • State v. D.C.

      Nearly a dozen police officers raided our client's house one morning, looking for a variety of items including a large safe and child pornography. Our client was adamant he did not have any child pornography and never owned a safe. After an exhaustive search of the entire house and all his computer equipment, no child pornography was found. Our client was kept in custody and interrogated for over 12 hours. After realizing they may have raided the wrong house, the police found another way to arrest him. Our client was an avid weight lifter and during the search, the police had found some muscle enhancers that were considered a controlled substance, resulting in the State charging our client with a Felony for Possession.

      Results: After numerous requests by the Johnson Law Group for the State to present all evidence that resulted in the raid of our client's home, the State was forced to dismiss all charges.

    • People vs BH

      Our client received First Offender Probation on a felony drug case. First Offender allows a person to get the offense entirely expunged if they finish probation and have no other offenses. However, just a few days after our client got first offender, he came to the aid of a friend, who had started a fight with two other people, and wound up being charged with Battery because of it. Needless to say, the government filed a Petition seeking to revoke his first offender probation because of the new case. Our client hired us to represent him on both cases, and we immediately went to work. Utilizing our in-house private investigators, we got to work interviewing the witnesses, tracking down leads the police ignored, and gathering more and more evidence to support a defense that our client was actually defending his friend. By the time we were finished, even the alleged victim believed our client was trying to defend him!

      Result: both the Battery and the Petition were dismissed due to "insufficient evidence," and our client was well on his way to finishing probation and getting the drug offense entirely off his record!

    • People vs. D.W.

      Our attorneys have been fighting with the government in order to require the State to order DNA testing on numerous implements found on or about a murder scene. Prior to retaining JLG, our client was convicted at trial of murdering his father at his father's place of business by bludgeoning and battering him with knives and utilities until he was dead.

      Result: The trial court ruled in our favor and has ordered DNA testing and we are awaiting the results in hopes of setting our client free.

    • State v. CM No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for domestic battery for slamming her boyfriend's hand in a door and striking him multiple times in the face. Within a day and before the actual charges were filed in court, JLG immediately went to the State's Attorneys office and high lighted the inconsistencies in the victim's story vs what actually happened. As a result, we were able to successfully talk the SA into not filing charges against our client.

    • State v. AJ No Charges Filed

      Client was sharing his apartment with two other individuals during his summer break from school when he was accused of selling large quantities of marijuana from the apartment. The cops conducted a raid of the apartment right after our client left on vacation to Europe with his family and they seized large amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia. Unfortunately, the evidence of prior buys was vast and the roommates pointed fingers at our client. JLG got involved immediately and worked with the detectives in the case and were able to show that none of the evidence obtained by the police was able to be exclusively pinned on our client despite a vast amount of evidence and prior buys being directly linked to our guy. After approx 1 year of working the case, we were able to wrap it up with an agreement that no charges would be filed against our client.

    • People v. AA Charges Filed but Later Dismissed

      Unconstitutional Felony Conviction Vacated and Reversed months after the conviction was entered:

      Our client was charged with the felony offense of Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon (AUUW), after which the Illinois Supreme Court declared the offense of AUUW unconstitutional. Months later, our client went to trial, and was found guilty unconstitutionally of AUUW, and was sentenced. Our client was an immigrant, and soon found himself in an immigration facility (really jail/prison), awaiting deportation! Convictions generally are not reconsidered unless something is filed within a month. We were hired well after the conviction was entered, and, many obstacles later, got the conviction and sentence vacated/reversed AND our client's deportation proceedings were dismissed entirely!

      Link to State Journal-Register:

    • People v. GS Charges Dismissed

      Our client was an immigrant with no prior criminal history and was charged with two counts of Forgery due to him allegedly forging and obtaining prescription drugs that he needed following major surgery due to the fact that a doctor would not return his calls. Due to our client's immigration status, he could not be convicted of a felony offense, which meant we would need to get the charges amended or reduced or else we had to try them. The State was not willing to amend the charges or reduce the charges. We built our defense using our resources here, developed our strategy, and set the case for trial. On the day of trial, after seeing the airtight defense we built, the State's Attorney amended the charges and our client walked without a conviction on anything and was not required to roll the dice at trial.

      Result: Felony charges dismissed and no convictions entered.

    • State v. T.D.

      Client was arrested for domestic battery for allegedly throwing a beer bottle towards his wife, choking and hitting her. Client's wife had a history of making false allegations and calling the police before. It was important to the client of getting Johnson Law Group on his case right away since he just got a new job and was suspended from his job because of arrest.

      Result: No charges filed.

    • People vs R.C.

      Our client was charged with a Felony Unlawful Restraint, as well as Misdemeanors for Interference with the Reporting of Domestic Violence, Domestic Battery, and Resisting a Peace Officer. On paper, it looked like our client would easily be found guilty, and would likely go to prison. For starters, our client was a convicted felon 3 times before with two separate sentences to prison no less! We got to work right away and utilized all the resources available to us. Luckily, working together and utilizing the resources of our own in-house private investigators, we were able to come up with new evidence the government did not have. The police did everything they could to make the case stronger than it was, but their efforts were useless. Only 3 & 1/2 months later, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED!

    • People vs. R.E.

      Our client was charged with a Class X Home Invasion when he kicked in the door of his friend's boyfriend, and beat him senseless after what he had done to our client's friend. Class X cases require a prison sentence from 6 to 30 years, and, to make matters worse, our client had prior felonies for Aggravated Battery on a police officer! Our client needed someone to fight hard for him to bring justice to him like he did his friend's boyfriend, so he came to us. We immediately went to work, and less than 5 months later, a guilty was only entered on a Class 4 felony offense of Trespass to a Residence! On a Class 4 felony, there is no mandatory prison sentence, but the facts were bad enough against us that prison was likely, so we continued our fight for our client to keep him out of prison. After we were done, our client was sentenced to 2 years probation, payment of a $250 fine, court costs, and less than $2,000 in restitution! Our client never went to jail, much less prison, and was never ordered to do anything else, such as even community service or counseling.

    • State v. TT

      Client was accused of abuse and neglect regarding her infant son when she took her son to the hospital because infant would not stop crying. After an X ray was conducted, hospital staff determined the child's arm had was fractured. DCFS and Police both got involved and were harassing our client relentlessly. When our client was instructed to not give any statements to investigators, the police actually filed an Obstruction of Justice charge against our client for invoking her constitutional right. DCFS was threatening taking the child away.

      Result: DCFS investigation allegations were deemed "Unfounded." No charges filed. Obstruction of Justice charges dismissed.

    • People vs B.C.

      Our client was on felony probation for two Class 4 felony cases, both involving drugs. He had only narrowly avoided prison before, but now he had Petitions to Revoke his probation filed, which alleged our client's use of heroin and cocaine. To make matters worse, Petitions to Revoke are civil, so the government's burden of proving our client's violation was a very low one, and our client admitted his use of heroin and cocaine to his probation officer. It seemed our client had no hope, and the State wanted prison time. We aggressively went after the Petition to Revoke and the progress our client had made, despite the relapses he suffered. Result: the Petitions to Revoke were DISMISSED entirely, and our client NEVER WENT TO JAIL OR PRISON.

    • People vs. T.A.

      Our client was charged with Driving While License Suspended, probably the easiest case a prosecutor has to prove. To make matters worse, our client's criminal history was nothing that would encourage the prosecution to do her any favors: she had multiple felony convictions, and had been to prison before. Our client's case seemed hopeless until she hired us. In less than 2 months, we convinced the prosecution to entirely dismiss the case all together, our client's license was not affected, and she never spent a nickel towards any fine or any more time in jail.

    • People v. C.H.

      Our client was a manager at a convenience store and handled the money transactions between the bank and the store for withdraws and deposits. The bank supposedly made an accounting error and gave our client $10,000 extra when money was withdrawn. Since the bank could not account for the money, they blamed our client of theft. Johnson Law Group was hired and worked with the police and the convenience store investigating the matter by reviewing surveillance tapes to show that in fact our client was not at fault and the bank was just trying to find a scapegoat.

      Result: No charges filed against our client, teller at the bank lost her job.

    • A. vs A.L.

      Our client's former girlfriend filed for an Order of Protection and in the Petition for Order of Protection, she alleged a number of allegations including that our client was a severe alcoholic and that he had a history of beating her. Soon after being hired we entered our appearance in the case and we were able to convince a Judge at a contested hearing that the Order of Protection previously issued before our representation began should be dismissed. A couple of months later our client's new girlfriend filed for an Order of Protection alleging similar allegations. Our Attorneys were able to defend against this 2nd Order of Protection and we were able to get it dismissed. Thereafter, the very same girlfriend (now ex) filed for a 3rd Order of Protection in a separate county alleging the same allegations. We appeared at the 3rd hearing on the Petition and our client came out on top 3 for 3.

      Result: Our client was behind the eight ball on 3 occasions but came out on top each and every time.

    • People vs R.L.

      Our client, who had a prior Domestic Battery conviction, was charged in 2 felony cases with 4 counts of felony Aggravated Domestic Battery and 2 counts of misdemeanor Domestic Battery. The facts were not good: in both cases, the "victim" said our client choked her, and stood on her chest. To make matters worse, there were independent witnesses, including a minor child, who verified what allegedly happened. Our client seemed doomed, in part because he was a convicted felon, who had served time before on those cases. Then we were hired. Utilizing all of the resources of our office and our in-house full-time private investigators, we were able to get different versions from the witnesses who we could not discredit. After a few short months, we convinced the prosecution to dismiss both cases in their entirety, and our client never saw a jail cell again!

    • People v. P.G.

      Client was an Army veteran, driving a vehicle with a group of friends and was pulled over by a drug task force for a license plate being inoperable. K-9 units were on scene and detected drugs in the vehicle. Client consented to a search and cocaine and cannabis were found in a baggie in an arm rest in the back seat. Our client was interrogated and was told that she would be charged with felony drug possession. However, she stood firm until she had a chance to hire a lawyer. This is where we took over and in the end:

      Result: Client paid a small fine for the traffic citation, no felony charges filed.

    • People vs. A.M.

      The State charged our client wit 2 separate charges of escaping from a penal institution. Our attorneys and investigators worked on the charges for approximately 9 months and as a result of our investigation and diligent presentation of our client's defenses, we were able to convince the government to dismiss all charges against our client.

    • People v. M.K.

      Client had fraudulently taken out a student loan in someone else's name and was facing a felony charge and significant jail time due to a prior felony conviction for identity theft. Johnson Law Group was hired and after a year long investigation, we worked diligently with law enforcement, the State's Attorneys office and the loan company to resolve the case.

      Result: Client agreed to pay restitution and the State agreed not to file a felony charge and therefore no jail time was imposed.

    • People vs RH

      Our client was a convicted felon and was found with a gun. It seemed like an airtight case and the government wanted prison from the very start. We got involved and were convinced of our client's innocence. We demanded that DNA tests and fingerprint analysis be done. The government wanted to drag its feet the entire time so we were required to demand a jury trial. It wasn't until the day of that jury trial that the government dismissed the case entirely and our client walked home a free man.

    • People vs G.K.

      Our client was charged with Unlawful Consumption, an offense that requires a suspension of a person's driver's license, regardless of whether our client got convicted or not. Our client was a college student with a good job that required her to drive, and she had a bright future ahead of her. We did not want her to suffer any suspension, even if she got supervision. We aggressively went after the case, negotiated with the State's Attorney, and, as a result, got our client deferred prosecution with a complete dismissal of the pending criminal case.

    • People vs. D.M. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for kicking in the door of his estranged wife's residence and cornering her in the bathroom where she hid until the cops arrived. Client was taken from the scene and ordered to not have any contact with his estranged wife. During the course of the next several months, we were able to calm the parties and we were ultimately able to convince the prosecutor to not file any charges.

    • People vs. J.D.

      Client was a tenured university professor and was accused of striking a student during a class activity. University officials launched an investigation into felony aggravated battery charges and to terminate our client's tenured professor position. Our attorneys intervened and met with university officials including the university's general counsel, vice president, and supervisor of detectives. Due to our early intervention and taking control of the situation, our client was neither charged with a crime nor terminated from his tenured position with the university.

      Result: No criminal charges and no termination from employment.

    • People vs J.F.

      Client was charged with possession of a controlled substance and growing a large crop of cannabis sativa plants in a basement after his nephew turned boarn again Christian and called the police to report the large grow. Prior to the detectives showing up, our client allegedly was in the process of burning the cannabis plants in a burn pit behind a barn. This is when the drug TASC Force arrived and placed our client under arrest. Thereafter, we were able to convince the State that they had insufficient evidence to prove our client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the State dismissed the felony charges.

    • People vs. C.F.

      Client was a high-school teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students. Numerous investigative agencies were involved interviewing witnesses, attempting to locate other students who either had a relationship or knew of inappropriate relationships our client had with his students. Our clients employment was threatened as well as criminal prosecution. After a several month long investigation, JLF's investigators located and interviewed numerous witnesses who proved our client was innocent and produced evidence that one key witness had lied to police about the alleged incident.

      Results: No charges were filed against our client and no termination of employment.

    • People vs M.K.

      Our client was charged with multiple felonies, including Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Unlawful Restraint, and Aggravated Assault. Our client's case seemed hopeless becase he had four prior felony offenses that our office did not represent him on. To make matters worse, our client had received probation for all felonies, but wound up being re-sentenced to prison after he failed to comply with his probation. The State wanted their pound of flesh, and only offered years in prison for his new felonies. Then, our office got involved. After multiple hearings, all but one felony was dismissed, and our client was sentenced to probation and never went back to jail on the felony our office represented him on!

    • People vs H.H.

      Our client was arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and DUI. Client was a single mom of minor children and she had been to prison recently so the stakes were pretty high. Our attorneys weighed the evidence and determined that the case might be able to be beat at trial. Often times a Jury trial is the way to go but in this case, we opted for a bench trial because the local Judges perceived flexibility. After only half a day of testimony, the judge refused to consider the State's so-called expert's testimony. On the day the trial was set to resume, the State dismissed all charges.

    • People vs. C.F. No Charges Filed

      Client in his mid-30's was being investigated due to allegations that he had sexual intercourse with a 13-year old. Client had prior felony conviction(s) and was hoping and praying that the matter would go away. Our investigators and attorneys worked on the matter for 18+ months and we were able to navigate our client through the investigative process and protect our client from the consequences associated with charges being filed.

    • People vs. L.B.

      Our firm was retained to representa highly visible Community Activist on charges that he possessed cocaine. Our client was a known pillar in the community who was in charge of making sure the government did not take advantage of blacks and other minorities. So when our client was arrested for possessing a controlled substance the government was out for blood. After several years of representation and changes to ever evolving legislation, we were able to apply constant pressure on the government. This resulted in the government dismissing all charges against our client, including the cocaine charges and the petty traffic offense, which was used to attempt to justify the stop of our client's motor vehicle.

    • People vs. S.J.

      Client was accused of defrauding an incapacitated elderly man out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Client and his fortune teller wife were allegedly able to swindle money and real estate from the elderly man and these activities were reported to law enforcement by the incapacitated elderly man's family members. Our Private Detectives and attorneys met with the alleged victim, his attorney and communicated with law enforcement over the course of 6 months and we were able to wrap up the allegations with the parties agreeing to disagree about it being a big misunderstanding.

      Result: No charges were filed despite the fact the alleged victim, his attorney and law enforcement initially were of hte opinion that criminal charges would definitely be filed.

    • People vs. M.K.

      Client was charged wiht aggravated battery for punching an officer in the face. Client was a senior honor student in college with a bright future ahead of him and a felony conviction would essentially ruin his life. We counseled our client and he followed our lead and togerher, we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charge by submitting an extensive mitigation package to the State.

    • People vs. C.V.

      Client advised us that he had written multiple bad checks on various occasions and that the law was actively seeking to interview him. Johnson Law Group attorneys intervened and provided our client's position to certain creditors and law enforcement and we were able to ensure that our client was not charged with any criminal activity.

      Result: No charges and client was able to retain his long time employment.

    • People vs. R.H. No Charges Filed

      Allegations were made that our client had oral and vaginal sex with his minor stepdaughter. Our attorneys were able to intervene prior to any charges being filed and our attorneys aggressively demonstrated the reasons why charges should not be filed.

    • People vs. D.B.

      Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with oncoming traffic. The officer determined the accident was our client's fault, knew our client from a previous fruitless drug investigation, and spoke with our client, who was understandably upset after a serious car accident. Even though our client did not admit to being impaired or having taken any illegal drugs, the officer arrested her for DUI. Our client submitted to blood and urine testing, and was positive for both THC and Morphine. We chose to file a motion to dismiss and proceed to a hearing on the motion in hopes that we could prevent the State from using the incriminating evidence of drugs that were found in our client's blood and urine.

      Result: Following a hearing, judge found there was no basis for the arrest and the State was required to dismiss the case for insufficient evidence.

    • People vs. J.P. No Charges Filed

      Client was caught red-handed selling cocaine to a police confidential informant. The deal was captured through an eavesdropping device and video surveillance by several undercover detectives and our client was later found to have possession of pre-recorded marked bills used during the transaction. Our attorneys intervened and were able to convince the government to not file any criminal charges.

    • People vs. C.F.

      A 13-year-old female accused our client of sexual penetration and the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) indicated our client based upon the allegations. The matter was thereafter referred to the State's Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution. Client had priors including a felony burglary conviction, so his credibility was an issue. Our staff interviewed the detectives and witnesses and we pled a positive case to law enforcement.

      Result: Based upon our intervention, client was never charged with any criminal offense.

    • People vs. M.W.

      Client was accused of depleting his wife's entire life savings and retirement account over a 10-year period and at a time when he pretended to be professionally employed full time. As a further cover-up, client allegedly convinced an elderly lady to loan him $100,000+ in order to cloak the wife's depleted funds without any intent to repay the elderly woman. JLG attorneys were able to convince law enforcement of our client's innocent intentions.

      Result: Although client ended up getting a divorce, no criminal charges were filed.

    • People vs. J.R.

      Client was accused of raping a girl behind a strip club. Based upon these serious allegations, we immediately began interviewing witnesses, and based upon our interviews, we were able to convince the government that there "might" have been an agreement for payment that our client bailed out on and the disgruntled stripper responded by making false allegations against our client.

      Result: We were able to convince the State that it was an attempted prostitution deal gone bad and no charges were filed against our client.

    • People vs. A.A. No Charges Filed

      Client was the driver of a vehicle that was carrying meth in the center console of the vehicle. Client was pulled over by the police for an alleged traffic violation. The police searched the vehicle incident to arrest and found the illegal drugs and arrested our client. We were able to intervene early into the case and, within 30 days of our client's arrest, we were able to convince the prosecutor to NOT file any charges against our client.

    • People vs. P.E. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for aggravated battery for punching his neighbor in the face while on a public roadway. Client was known for his aggressive manners and had a criminal history including prior felony battery and drug convictions. Despite his disruptive past, we were able to compile enough pre-indictment evidence in favor of our position that our client acted in self-defense and should not be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor. We successfully convinced the prosecutors not to formally charge our client.

    • People vs C.W.

      Our client was charged with making physical advances while at a party towards an underage girl, a sex crime for which a person is required to register as a Sex Offender, and later had a No Stalking Order entered against him as wll. Our client, a graduating high school Senior, missed his prom and graduation, and had his life drastically disrupted because of the pending charge and prohibition against where he could go. Our client's ability to apply to and enroll in college was even threatened by these cases. The State had only offered a substantial amount of jail time, and the No Stalking Order could have lasted two years.

      Result: The State reduced the charge from a sex crime, and our client got supervision (a non-conviction), did not have to register as a Sex Offender, and was able to still enroll in college. The No Stalking Order was summarily dismissed by the judge.

    • People vs. J.L.

      Our client, who had been to prison multiple times before and whose record reflected multiple felony convictions, was facing a new charge that could put him in jail up to a year in a county where they frequently impose harsh penalties, especially for people who have serious criminal histories like our client. Our client had a good job that he could not lose by going to jail, and was responsible for his three children, who he could have also lost because of a lengthy jail sentence. To make matters words, the State was totally intractable, refusing to offer anything less than several months in jail. After working with our client for some time, our client was sentenced, but received no jail, is not on probation, kept his license, and is still working full time and raising his children.

    • People vs. F.M. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for threatening to burn down her neighbor's house. The arrest came at a time when the client was graduating from college with a Master's degree and several important pending job interviews. Fortunately, our attorneys were able to convince the government to NOT file any formal charges and our client was able to obtain gainful professional employment.

    • People vs. R.R.

      Client was on felony drug probation when he caught a charge for domestic battery. Client was accused of hitting his girlfriend and her child with a lamp post. We knew if the client was found guilty on the new charge, the State would argue for prison on the re-opened felony case, so we aggressively attempted to convince the State to dismiss the new charges. The State refused to dismiss so we set the case for trial, prepped our witnesses and previewed the strenghts of our defense with the prosecution.

      Result: Due to our extensive prep, the State dismissed the new charges on the day of trial and our client was able to return home without any additional punishment of jail time.

    • People vs. PR

      Client was a college student under the age of 21-years of age. Client was charged with manufacturing a fictitious ID (a felony) in order to get into the bars. During a sting operaiton, client was arrested and was caught with the fake ID and drug paraphernalia. After several months of negotiating witht he prosecution, we were able to convince them to dismiss the felony at the last court date and client was placed on supervision on the misdemeanor charge.

      Result: Felony dismissed and client was placed on court supervision for the misdemeanor which would also later be dismissed as long as our client remained clean for one year.

    • People vs. A.V.

      Client was a 19-year old college student with excellent grades and a very promising future ahead of him with the exception of a recent arrest for selling multiple types of drugs on campus on numerous occasions. The detectives and Task Force had controlled buys, video surveillance, marked buy money, and a secured full confession from our client. Client was charged with non-probationable charges and it appeared he was heading to prison. Client was behind the eight ball and was told he would be required to be a snitch or go to priosn.

      Result: After a lengthy period of representing our client, we were able to secure a deal whereby he was not required to be a government informant, no jail time was required to be served and all charges would be dismissed as long as our client completed drug treatment and would remain clean for 3 years.

    • People vs. IR

      Client had borrowed his buddy's car and was driving through the State of Illinois when he was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation. State Police asked for license and registration and when our client was digging through his buddy's glove box, the State Police noticed drug paraphernalia in the glove compartment. A subsequent search resulted in the discovery of large amounts of cannabis that was being trafficked from a source State. Client was arrested and subsequently hired our law firm. State was required to prove our client had knowledge of the large amount of cannabis in the trunk of the vehicle so we set the case for trial after the State refused to dismiss the charges.

      Result: Charges dismissed day of trial due to our ability to show the court State could not prove our client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • People vs. P.R.

      An undercover police officer witnessed our client pull up in his car and engage in a hand-to-hand drug transaction. The officer followed our client and pulled him over and upon interviewing our client, he confessed and admitted to purchasing and possessing crack cocaine. Our attorneys steered our client into drug treatment and were able to obtain a disposition for the client where he would not only avoid a felony conviction, but he was also fortunate enough to avoid a misdemeanor conviction.

      Result: No convictions whatsoever despite the full confession and defendless charge.

    • People vs. A.C. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for punching a guy in a bar and then fleeing the bar in his automobile while intoxicated. Cops found our client's vehicle stuck in an empty field a short time later with no occupants. Cops traced our client's foot prints to a local farm house where they found our client intoxicated and cops arrested him for numerous offenses including resisting arrest, battery, DUI, and leaving the scene. Our attorneys interviewed numerous witnesses and presented our client's case to the prosecutors in order to prove weaknesses in their cases.

    • People vs. J.D.

      Client's husband was charged with aggravated battery to their child for beating the boy, and forcing him to swallow metal screws. The police were able to confirm, through the use of X-rays, that the boy had metal screws in his stomach. Our client was charged with endangering the health / life of a child for failing to protect the child and the case resulted in national media attention and our client had an uphill battle to fight prior to hiring our law firm.

      Result: Despite the national media attention we were able to convince the government into dismissing the charges.

    • People vs. B.H.

      Client was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer during a mob action at a local college campus. Client allegedly struck an officer in the back of the head. The case proceeded to a preliminary hearing at which time our attorneys were able to extensively cross examine the officer and other witnesses.

      Result: State subsequently dismissed the charges against our client as a result of our attorney's successful cross examination of the officers and other witnesses.

    • People vs. A.W. No Charges Filed

      Client was accused of possessing child pornography on his telephone SIM card. Investigators were able to seize our client's phone in order to send it in for forensics for the purpose of gathering the necessary evidence to charge our client with possession of child pornography. We met with the State within a few days of them confiscating the phone and over the next six months, we were able to convince the government to NOT file charges against our 19-year-old client.

    • People vs. M.O.

      Client was accused of driving his truck while intoxicated and for fleeing and eluding the police when they attempted to pull him over. The police caught up to our client at his home the next day and client was instructed by our lawyers to not speak with the police without us being present. Thereafter, we were able to meet with law enforcement on our client's behalf in order to present his side of the story.

      Result: Police were not able to obtain any evidence to corroborate their allegations that our client was the person driving his own truck and therefore the government did not charge our client with what would have been his second DUI.

    • People vs. BT

      Client was returning from TN when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Drug Task Force, a canine-unit, and State and County police arrived on scene within moments. A search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of several kilograms of cocaine in a hidden compartment in the trunk of the vehicle. Our client was arrested for a Super X felony offense and drug trafficking. Based upon our review of the evidence and the circumstances that led to the inital stop, we filed a motion to suppress the evidence. We subpoenaed all dispatch and personal cell phone records for all the officers involved and we were able to convince the government that the initial traffic stop was pretextual.

      Result: The super Class X and trafficking charges were dismissed and our client was released from jail and he returned home to TN.

    • People vs. C.F. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for aggravated assault of a police officer with a firearm after a police officer alleged that our client assaulted the police officer while armed with a firearm. Client hired us and we immediately challenged the officer's allegations and we were able to convince the prosecutor to NOT file charges against our client.

    • People vs. L.A.

      Our client was charged with DUI and Illegal Transportation of Alcohol. Since this was not his first DUI offense, the stakes were high because not only would a conviction result in the loss of his license for 3 years, but his employment required him to have a driver's license. Case was set for a Jury Trial. Jury selection was completed and opening arguments were made. Strangely enough, during the next break and before any witnesses were called, the prosecutor approached our Attorney and offered to dismiss the DUI charge.

      Result: DUI dismissed outright and court supervision (non conviction) for the charge of illegal transportation of alcohol.

    • People vs. J.B. 13 Counts of Child Pornography Were Dismissed

      The government charged our client with 13 counts of possession of child pornography on his personal computer. Our client was employed as an executive and was well known in the community. JLG attorneys and forensic experts required the government to provide us with exact mirrored images of the hard drives that were seized from our clients. Thereafter, we employed our own forensic experts and were able to provide the government with enough conflicting evidence to convince them to dismiss all felony charges.

    • People vs. D.J. Charges Dismissed by the State

      Client was charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. JLG attorneys compiled statements and massive amounts of discovery in this case an dsifted through it with a fine-tooth comb. As the investigation went on, more and more inconsistencies began to appear in the victim's story. JLG's attorneys conducted an interview with the State's Attorney and the victim brought this case to a close. The victim admitted that no crime ever took place.

    • People vs. J.P. Murder Charge Dismissed

      Our client was charged with Murder and Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking. The government accused our client of hijacking an elderly man's vehicle and killing him in the process. The charges arose from an investigation that spanned a 7-year period. The government alleged that our client was returning from a drug run for methamphetamine when his car broke down. The government alleged that our client forcibly hijacked an elderly man's car in order to complete the drug run. During the commission of the offense, prosecutors alleged that our client smothered the victim and dumped his body in a corn field. After approximately 1-year of aggressive defense work, JLG attorneys and investigators were able to get the murder charge dismissed.

    • People vs. M.U.

      Client was charged with Retail Theft after being caught on a store's video surveillance placing items from the shelves into his pockets and leaving the store. He also gave a full confession.

      Result: JLG attorney was able to convince the State to dismiss the charges of Retail Theft and the client's record was expunged.

    • People vs. M.P.

      Two witnesses called the police and reported that they saw our client strangle and beat his girlfriend while they were sitting in a car in our client's driveway. Our client was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery / Strangulation. It was very important for our client to avoid a conviction, as he had been sent to prison on multiple prior occasions. We met with the alleged victim multiple times in hopes of shaping her as a defense witness. We were also able to poke holes in the State's witnesses' testimonies, and after many months, we were able to convince the government into dismissing all charges.

      Result: Client avoided a lengthy prison sentence and was onlyy required to serve 1 day in jail.

    • People vs. A.B.

      JLG client was charged with having illegal sexual contact with a minor child. This was a case that our attorneys had to push to trial in hopes of obtaining a "not guilty" verdict.

      Result: When the prosecutor saw how prepared our attorneys were on the day of trial, they dismissed the case and never re-filed any charges against our client.

    • People vs. F.C.

      JLG client was charged with having sex with his minor stepdaughter.

      Result: Our attorneys were able to pursued the prosecutor not to file felony charges in the case. As a result, our client was able to keep his job and continue providing financial support for his family.

    • People vs. J.N.

      During the course of a large drug investigation that led to multiple arrests and convictions, the government detained and interrogated our client due to his involvement in drug trafficking. The government also seized all of our client's personal belongings including: multiple big-screen TV's, valuable sports memorabilia, thousands in cash, and numerous other personal belongings. Our attorneys intervened in the investigation and after approximately 10 months, we were able to convince the government not to indict our client with any criminal offenses at all. We were also able to convince the government to return ALL of our client's personal possessions that the government seized during the course of its investigation.

    • People vs. T.C. No Charges Filed

      Client was arrested for assaulting a canine officer's partner (a dog). Our client was an intoxicated college student and he was lucky to avoid serious injury in addition to being arrested. After several months of negotiating with the prosecutor in charge of the case, we were able to convince the government not to press charges as long as our client agreed to obtain an alcohol evaluation and treatment.

    • People vs. A.C.

      JLG client was caught red-handed selling an ounce of cocaine to an undercover detective. The charge carried a mandatory six years in prison.

      Result: JLG attorneys successfully convinced the prosecutors not to file charges for over 1 1/2 years from the time of the incident. This allowed our client the opportunity to work and obtain his college degree as an alternative to a lengthy jail sentence.

    • People vs. E.A.

      Client was in a relationship with a female on year younger. When our client turned 18, he moved to a different state to attend college. His girlfriend was still in high school. After a few months, client terminated the relationship with his now 17-year-old girlfriend, making her and her family very angry. The girl and her family put pressure on the state's attorney to bring charges against our client for criminal sexual assault. After being contacted by law enforcement, client immediately retained the services of the Johnson Law Group. Client had already admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with the girl, which was a clear violation of the law because of her age.

      Result: State's attorney had the right to pursue charges under the law and would have had an extremely strong case due to the confession; however, after three months of hard negotiations, JLG was able to convince the State to not pursue charges.

    • S.K.

      Client was charged with Driving Under the Influence. At trial the prosecution presented the testimony of the two police officers who testified that the defendant, our client drove in erratic manner, failed his field sobriety tests, and appeared extremely intoxicated. In spite of the prosecution's efforts, JLF attorneys were able to successfully argue that the State failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our client was too impaired to operate a motor vehicle, and the defendant was acquitted (found not guilty) of DUI.

    • People vs. J.W.

      JLG attorneys successfully obtained an acquittal (not guilty finding) at trial on behalf of a former Principal of a prominent Christian school who was charged with seven felony counts of child pornography. The Principal was terminated after he was caught viewing pornography on the school's computers. Investigators confiscated the school's computers and the government's forensic experts were able to identify 50+ images of child pornography on the computer's hard drive. Despite the voluminous evidence presented by the government against the defendant, JLG attorneys won the case and all charges were dismissed.

      Result: Found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

    • People vs. G.M.

      Client was charged with three counts of felony distribution of cocaine and a conviction would have led to a lengthy prison term. In fact, the pressure on this case was severe due to our client's prior record of having been sent to prison on two prior occasions for dealing cocaine. Under Illinois Law, a third strike for dealing large amounts of cocaine would result in a lifetime prison sentence. Our client's only choice was to take the case to trial in hopes that our attorneys could put on a good enough show to avoid life in prison. Our client was elated when the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict on those charges.

      Result: Our client avoided a lifetime prison sentence.

    • People vs. M.B.

      JLG client was accused of burning down his ex-girlfriend's house. It was alleged that our client torched the house in order to induce his ex-girlfriend to move back into his home. The evidence at trial included the eyewitness testimony of a paperboy who identified our client at the scene of the blaze at approximately 4:00 a.m. with a bucket of flammable substances. The case included other eyewitness testimony and was capped off by a partial admission by our client.

      Result: Despite the incriminating evidence, our attorneys were able to convince the jury into finding our client "Not Guilty" of arson.

    • People vs. B.N.

      Cops approached a parked car on foot and could smell burnt cannabis emanating through a cracked window. Cops pulled our client out of the car and placed him under arrest after finding cannabis and paraphernalia in the vehicle. Client denied it was his and we were required to set the case for trial. At trial, the State was unable to prove that our client had knowing possession of either the cannabis or the paraphernalia and the charges were dismissed.

      Result: Client found not guilty at trial.

    • People vs. J.B.

      Client was accused of threatening to kill his wife with a rifle in the presence of other family members. Client's estranged wife secured an Order of Protection and the matter was set for trial. Client's goal was to beat the Order of Protection and retain his FOID card because he was an avid hunter.

      Result: The Judge ruled in our client's favor and dismissed the Order of Protection and our client was able to retain his FOID card.

    • People vs. T.D.

      Client was charged with his second DUI. After a long fought battle, the jury came back with a surprising verdict of guilty. JLG attorneys did not stop there. We filed motions for judgment notwithstanding the jury verdict and we excitingly were able to convince the judge who presided over the jury trial to overturn the jury verdict.

      Result: DUI dismissed outright and court supervision (non-conviction) for the charge of illegal transportation of alcohol.

    • People vs. S.C.

      Client was charged with Domestic Battery and the Department of Children and Family Services attempted to make a civil finding that our client caused his child to reside in an unsafe environment. JLG attorneys contested both of the government's attempts to punish our client.

      Result: Client acquitted of all criminal charges and the State's claim that our client's child resided in an injurious environment was found to be untrue.

    • People vs E.B.

      Defendant, a 23 year old accountant, and his girlfriend were detained by police officers after the officers believed that the girlfriend struck our client. Rather than investigate the case the officers immediately handcuffed the girlfriend. As our client repeatedly asked why they were arresting his girlfriend the Officers tackled our client to the ground causing extensive injury and loss of consciousness to our client and minor injury to the officer. Our guy was charged with two felony counts of Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer.

      RESULT: We took the case to trial and after a well fought case our client was found not guilty of all charges. Now we are focusing on the cops for police brutality issues.

    • State v. HM

      Our client received 30 months of probation on a felony offense, and was doing great! She was in school, gainfully employed, and was looking to transfer into a difficult school out of state that would keep her busy full time. We needed to terminate her probation, even though she had only been on probation 13 months. The government didn't want her off of probation, and neither did her probation officer. The judge was reluctant, but we produced so much evidence in our client's favor that the judge had no choice, and we successfully argued our motion! Our client is off probation, and on her way out of state to go to school knowing that she doesn't have to report to anyone!

    • People vs. R.F.

      Our client was a twice convicted felon that the police were out to get. The police arrested our client for Resisting / Obstructing a police officer on one occasion and for a traffic citation on a separate occasion. Since our client claimed that both of our arrests were bogus, we set both for trial.

      Result: We were successful in both cases. Client was acquitted of all charges.

    • People vs. O.

      Client was charged with shooting a neighbor's dog who happened to be a local veterinarian. Client was an elderly professional who was fed up with the neighboring animal. Due to the big stakes involved in the case, JLG set the case for trial.

      Result: The court took the matter under advisement and later dismissed the case when JLG attorneys requested.

    • State vs. J.P.

      Defendant was charged with 1 Count of Rape, a felony of the first degree, 2 Counts of Gross Sexual Imposition, felonies of the third degree, 2 Counts of Sexual Imposition, misdemeanors of the third degree. This case went to a Jury Trial and the Jury found the Defendant guilty of lesser-included misdemeanor offenses on the Gross Sexual Imposition felony charges and guilty of one of the misdemeanor charges. There was a hung jury on the rape charge. This matter then proceeded to a second Jury Trial on a single count of Rape. The defendant was found not guilty of the rape charge and given credit for the local jail time that he had completed and was released.

      Result: The Defendant was found not guilty of the rape charge and given credit for the local jail time that he had completed and was released.

    • People vs. C.D. All Charges Dismissed

      Client was charged with his second DUI. Our attorneys set the case for trial and filed motions to suppress evidence and to rescind the three-year statutory summary suspension of our client's driver's license on the basis of certain legal technicalities. The trial judge granted both motions and the State was disallowed from using any evidence including video-taped field sobriety tests and the breath test results. The judge also ordered that our client's driver's license suspension be lifted.

    • People vs. K.P.

      Client was charged with his second DUI after police found him and his vehicle in a roadside ditch. Police administered the Field Sobriety Tests and arrested our client. JLG attorneys first obtained a driving permit and then set the case for trial.

      Result: Client acquitted of all charges at trial. Driving privileges restored.

    • People vs. AA

      Our client was caught red-handed and confessed to possessing the cannabis with the intent to deliver, he was sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections. Our attorneys were very unhappy with the judge's sentence, so we proceeded to file the necessary court motions in hopes of convincing the court to reconsider its previous sentence. Our representation spanned over a year, but in the end, our client's DOC sentence was vacated and he was released from the Department of Corrections.

      Result: The Judge granted our Motion to Reconsider and reduced our client's sentence from five years in DOC to credit for time served and he was released without any probation whatsoever.

    • People vs. M.B. Minimum Sentence by Statute Was Imposed

      JLG attorneys were faced with a difficult fact pattern when prosecutors charged our client was walking into a diner and shooting another man who supposedly had an affair with his wife. The difficulties were enhanced because our client committed the act in the presence of multiple friends and family members and was known as an active arms dealer. After months of negotiations our attorneys were able to convince the State to agree to a minimum possible sentence.

    • People vs. K.K.

      JLG client was a college athlete who was charged with having sex with a minor female after she became intoxicated and passed out at a party.

      Result: Although the victim's family was adamant about seeing our client spend some time in jail, our attorney's were able to get the felony charges dismissed in exchange for a misdemeanor charge and no jail time was imposed.

    • People vs. J.G.

      This case began with the threat of charges being brought against our client. The client had admitted to five separate credit card agencies and one Internet loan company that he had used another individual's identity for the purpose of financial gain.

      Result: After eight months of extensive negotiation, JLG's investigators and attorneys were able to convince all lenders not to pursue charges. JLG was able to convince the lender's to open lines of credit in the client's name and transfer all outstanding debt over to the client's accounts.

    • United States vs. P.H.

      The Federal Government charged our client with eight counts of mail fraud which alleged that he converted in excess of $3 million dollars of client investment monies from a Hedge fund for his own personal use.

      Result: Through early intervention and aggressive negotiations, JLF attorneys were able to avoid indictments on the much more serious federal charges of money laundering and conspiracy. As a result, our client's prison term was seriously reduced. This case had national attention and was featured in CBS Market Watch and Forbes magazine.

    • People vs. S.D.

      JLG attorney and investigators worked together as a team with the client, a medical professional who was charged with eight counts of Felony Theft. With a conviction of a felony, the client's career would end immediately, After 14 months of an extensive investigation by JLG staff, the client agreed to waive a trial in exchange for a plea bargain.

      Result: Seven felony counts dismissed, and agreed to plea to a Class A misdemeanor with No Conviction to be entered after completing Court Supervision. The client was able to stay employed in the medical career field and actually went to a higher paying job.

    • People vs. J.S.

      Client was charged with attempted residential burglary. The victim caught our client in the process of committing the crime and was able to positively ID him from a lineup after police caught him hiding nearby. These damning facts were escalated by the fact that our client was already on Probation for a prior Burglary and was therefore facing a lengthy prison sentence. JLG attorneys were able to present significant mitigating factors to the prosecutor.

      Result: Client was sentenced to four months of boot camp = military type training instead of lengthy prison sentence.

    • People vs. T.K.

      JLG attorney represented an adult correctional officer who was charged with having sex with a female inmate while she was in jail custody. The State sought to make a public example out of our client and was very adamant about pursuing a jail sentence for this offense.

      Result: JLG attorney was able to obtain a disposition that included "No Jail" time being served.

    • People vs. G.N.

      Our client was a school teacher and basketball coach who lost his job because of the charges against him. Client was unhappy with his current counsel after his case was dragged out for almost a year with no favorable outcome.

      Result: Johnson Law Group was hired and in less than three weeks, the client got his case settled with the outcome the client wanted.

    • People vs. S.D.

      JLG Attorney and Investigators worked together as a team with the client, a medical professional who was charged with eight counts of Felony Theft. With a conviction of a felony, the client's career would end immediately. After 14 months of an extensive investigation by JLG staff, the client agreed to waive a trial in exchange for a plea bargain.

      Result: Seven felony counts dismissed, and agreed to plea to a Class A misdemeanor with No Conviction to be entered and JLG attorneys successfully defended state's petition to revoke our client's medical license.

    • People vs. C.G.

      Client was charged with Felony Escape after he failed to return to the jail to serve a 180 day jail sentence on a prior felony charge. Although, our client was facing a lengthy prison sentence and no defense was likely, JLG attorneys were able to convince the judge to impose a local short term jail sentence.

      Result: Client avoided a prison term on the prior felony and served a short 60 day jail term on the new felony escape charge.

    • People vs. AY

      "Not Guilty of Ecstasy Possession despite drugs being found in client's Pocket"

      Our client, an immigrant who has been here 30 years, was pulled over on the side of the road when a cop approached to check on him and immediately smelled the odor of cannabis coming from the car. Our client was searched and Ecstasy was found in pocket Our client was charged with a felony, Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, as well as a misdemeanor, Possession of Cannabis. The Sate refused to dismiss so we proceeded to trial. As trial neared, we utilized our private investigators. The State called everyone they could to testify about our client, what they found, and what our client had to say about it. We worked together, formulated a strategy, and stuck with it. After 3 hours of trial, the overwhelming majority of which was the State's evidence, our client was found Not Guilty of the felony offense of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance!

      RESULT - Not guilty finding.

    • Jun 2015 30 months probation

      Our client was charged with serious sex offenses on two different alleged victims and facing mandatory prison term. Because the evidence was so strong, JLG immediately got to work using all of our contacts to convince the prosecution to dismiss the offenses that required a prison sentence. In just a few short months, we were successful, but the prosecution would not agree to probation, so we had to let the judge decide our client's fate. The prosecution recommended a lengthy prison sentence.

    • People vs. K.N.

      JLG client was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, a Class 1 Felony. Client was also charged with a Misdemeanor and Speeding Ticket. With our client looking at several years in a state prison, JLG went to work. Our client was a college student with no prior criminal history. After extensive background investigations on our client, receiving an overwhelming amount of support from friends and family, several months of litigations and lengthy negotiations, our Attorney convinced the state of Illinois to drop all charges except one.

      Result: Our client was found guilty of Speeding in which he received 90 days court supervision, plus fines and court costs. No jail time served. No Felony conviction and best of all, no Criminal Record.

    • People vs. E.C.

      Client was traveling from out of state for the purpose of visitingrelatives when she was pulled over for a traffic violation. Upon further investigation by the police, the client was found to have drugs and paraphernalia on her person.

      Result: 1 court appearance - court supervision with no conviction upon completion of court supervision.

    • People vs. J.S.

      Charge: Possession with Intent to Deliver - Controlled Substance

      Initial charges included Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, a Class 1 felony, Illegal Transportation of Alcohol, a class A misdemeanor and a moving violation for speeding. Johnson Law Group performed extensive background work, several litigations, and lengthy negotiations.

      Result: All charges except one were dismissed. Our client received several months of court supervision for a speeding ticket.

    • People vs. B.G.

      Client had four prior DUI/DWI charges and two prior driving after his license was revoked. Client was charged with a new charge for driving without a license and the State was seeking 180 days in jail. Although State law required a jail sentence, JLG attorneys were able to obtain a sentence where no jail was served.

      Result: Client was given the opportunity to complete public service work instead of serving a jail sentence.

    • People vs. G.S.

      Client was found parked in a convenient store parking lot, sleeping behind the wheel of his car with a half-full beer can in his cup holder. Client was awakened by two police officers, then they requested a field sobriety test. Unfortunately, the client did not perform the test very well and was also videotaped unable to answer questions correctly. After JLG was retained, it was discovered that this was the client's 5th DUI arrest which in the State of Illinois was a felony that meant the client would have to spend mandatory time in jail.

      Result: Charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, small fine, and probation.

    • People vs. C.F.

      Client was charged with 1 count of DUI, 1 count of BAC over .08 and 1 count of operating an uninsured vehicle. Because it was our client's second conviction, his license would be revoked for at least one year. Client had been found by the police sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car with the keys in the passenger seat next to him. Client failed the field sobriety tests and refused the Breathalyzer at the scene. Later at the police station, client provided a breath sample of .121. JLG attorneys analyzed the situation and were able to get a new charge of reckless driving added to the charges, which is a lower offense than DUI and does not result in revocation of driving privileges.

      Result: Client plead to reckless driving with all remaining counts dismissed, with no loss of driving privileges.

    • People vs. M.C.

      JLG client was charged with his fourth Driving While Intoxicated offense.

      Result: JLG attorneys were able to obtain a disposition where our client was not required to spend any time in jail.

    • People vs. C.

      JLG represented a pro football running back against multiple charges of driving while his license was revoked.

      Result: Although the prosecutor fought for jail time, JLG attorneys were able to quash several warrants and were able to obtain a disposition where the client was not required to serve any jail time.

    • People vs. P.W. Jail Term Avoided

      Client was charged with his sixth driving without a license charge and ninth driving without insurance charge. Client was facing a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 120 days in jail. JLG attorneys were able to convince the judge to allow our client to perform community service work instead of serving a jail term.

    • People vs. H.D.

      JLG client was charged with possession of cocaine and various major traffic offenses in three separate counties.

      Result: Our attorneys were able to obtain a disposition which allowed our client to serve a minimal 10-day jail sentence which was honored as a concurrent sentence on all 3 counties.

    • People vs. M.B.

      The client was charged with improper use of a driver's license, a misdemeanor. Most defendants are concerned about imprisonment above all else, while others are concerned that large fines could put them in financial distress. In a case such as this, one might worry about suspension or revocation of driving privileges. The charges in this case were not severe, but that was not the concern of this defendant. Their fear as having their dreams shattered forever because of one unfortunate incident. The role of Johnson Law Group was two-fold: to obtain the lowest possible punishment and to keep the charges off our client's record so that they have a chance to achieve their aspirations.

    • People vs. H. No Charges Were Ever Brought

      Our client was accused of aiding two individuals beat and rob a pizza delivery boy after assaulting him with a tire iron. Our attorneys were able to convince the detectives not to file charges against our client despite his participation.