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Decatur Pre-File Investigations Attorneys

Invoking Your Fifth Amendment Right

If you know that you are under investigation for a crime, you do not have to wait to be charged or arrested to take defensive action. One of our Decatur pre-file investigation lawyers can help you perform a pre-file investigation of your own if you are aware that law enforcement is investigating you.

If you are being investigated for a crime, you have the legal right to be represented by one of our aggressive attorneys from Johnson Law Group.

By conducting a pre-file investigation, you and your attorney can begin building a defense case before you are even charged. Without a qualified lawyer by your side, you are at risk of incriminating yourself.

During a law enforcement's pre-file investigation, you will need to invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Rather than volunteering information that can damage your case, it is important to exercise your right to remain silent and secure the legal assistance of an experienced attorney.

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Proactive Approach to Pre-File Investigations

Unless a police officer personally witnesses a crime, such as in driving under the influence cases, an investigation will be performed before law enforcement can place someone under arrest. If you or another individual has been accused of a crime but is not currently charged, it is time to take action by hiring an attorney.

At Johnson Law Group, we can help you perform a pre-file investigation of your own at the early stages of the criminal process. The purpose is to prevent the filing of any criminal charges against the individual who is accused of committing the crime. This is not a service that all criminal defense attorneys perform. Our attorneys' decades of combined experience in criminal law practice, as former prosecutors, and as former police officers enables us to provide a unique quality of insight into these investigations.

The prosecutor assigned to a case is typically concerned with his or her track record. They will often not press charges if they are not entirely confident that they have a strong case against the accused individual. As they gather evidence during their pre-file investigation, you can begin building your defense also. The more prepared your case is, the stronger your defense will be.

The strength of your defense directly affects the outcome of your case. Pre-file investigations are complex endeavors that require the legal assistance of a Decatur defense attorney from our firm. We combine experience and an excellent track record to assist you through your case.

We have a thorough understanding and familiarity with the Illinois state criminal laws. Our team is committed to providing each client with the personal attention and tailored strategy that they need. Our firm can complete a pre-file investigation that can enhance your defense and enable us to combat the case being built against you.

Our ultimate goal in performing a pre-file investigation is to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed against you. Contact our firm if your future is on the line because of a criminal investigation. Call today!


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